The leading construction rental quote and booking service offers commercial contractors fast, local and FREE access to unbeatable equipment rental prices/quotes for any type of construction project. Through our proprietary rental quote engine and service, we replace endless hours contacting multiple rental companies; our solution is the smart way to book rentals faster and cheaper.

Contact Us: If you have any general questions or comments about, email us at Our Customer Rental experts can be reached at 480-347-0717.


Purpose: To get contractors back to doing what they do best! 

Mission: To connect commercial contractors to local rental companies while delivering real-time quotes and bookings.

What makes us different:  EquipRent has developed a highly accurate proprietary rental equipment matching algorithm for any size construction project. Plus, we only share rental opportunities 3 times to rental companies (unlike our competitors) and don't resell after contact.

We deliver: Better Connections. 55% of prospects end up renting. Targeted Marketing Exposure. Delivering programs individual businesses find difficult due to lack of resources, expertise and money. Measurable Results at Lower Costs. Rental companies averaging ROI of 90%.

Values Manifesto: Our promise to customers, stakeholders and each other

  • Customers first
  • Keep the hammer swinging
  • Enthusiasm is contagious
  • Embrace change and grow
  • Bend but don’t break
  • Do the right thing
  • Be the team