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With your construction blog, ecommerce or SaaS site, you know the construction business. Wasting time on the phone calling rental companies looking for the best price is not the way your customers want to do business. Our program allows you to partner with us to offer your users our industry-leading technology and the largest network of rental companies on the web – free of charge.

You decide at what level to offer our service

Simple affiliate - Want to display a traditional banner? Just a few minutes and you’ll be up and running. Check out some sample banners

Integrated Partner - Want to integrate the EquipRent search engine into your SaaS management system? From simply directing your users to our quick request form to integrating our service so that we deliver quotes directly to your user's SaaS interface, we offer what no other company can. See how it works

National Coverage works with rental companies nationwide to offer construction companies, contractors and DIY’ers free local quotes for virtually any piece of construction equipment they need to rent. With the EquipRent Rental Quote Engine (RQE) your customers will have easy access to our time saving service with no obligation.

Top commissions with nothing to sale

As an EquipRent partner, you aren’t trying to sale anything. You are offering your users a FREE tool to get rental quotes and find the rental equipment they need. And every time your users take advantage of our free service, you will make 15% commissions on everyone of your user's rental requests and have peace of mind knowing there is nothing to lose.

Complete support

Our team will work with you to find the best way to integrate the EquipRent service into your software or site. Installation is fast and easy and our customer service agents are available to offer customer service to your users.

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