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Excavators are versatile pieces of heavy equipment that can be of use in many different jobs. From trench-digging to material handling, demolition, and heavy lifting, having an excavator around can prove to be extremely useful. They consist of a boom, stick, bucket, and cab on a rotating platform.

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Our Excavators

You can depend on our excavators to get the job done. We'll help you find diggers of the following specifications:




  • 28,000 LB
  • 35,000 LB
  • 46,000 LB
  • 54,000 LB
  • 72,000 LB
  • 104,000 LB

Also known as "diggers," these excavators will help you dig or move materials. They require an operator that sits inside a cab attached to a base of two tracks. Since these are quite expensive to purchase, renting excavators can definitely be a smart decision to avoid the associated overhead costs.

Mini Excavator

Mini Excavators


  • 7-9 Ft. Dig Depth
  • 10-11 Ft. Dig Depth
  • 12-14 Ft. Dig Depth
  • 11.5 Ft. Dig Depth
  • 13.5 Ft. Dig Depth
  • 15.3 Ft. Dig Depth

Also known as power shovels, these are perfect for smaller construction jobs. They will dig trenches and handle small loads of construction site materials from 1 ton to 8.5 tons.


We quote rentals for all popular boom lift brands including John Deere, Caterpillar, Bobcat, and CASE. Our partners carry high-quality equipment that you can depend on for your next job.

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Why Use an Excavator?

There's really no question about it. Either you need an excavator to demolish, dig, and/or move. Or you don't. Keep in mind that you must have a license in order to operate this machine safely otherwise the construction site may be closed. Make sure to carefully evaluate what size excavator you'll need so that you don't carry over capacity.

When is an Excavator Needed?

  • If you need to dig a sizable trench or hole, an excavator is a no-brained
  • Excavators can help with some material handling but probably shouldn't be relied upon entirely.
  • Excavators excel at demolition.
  • Open pit mining
  • Useful for forestry and general landscaping.

Areas Served

Our partners carry backhoes in the following locations: Birmingham, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Denver, Hartford, Washington DC, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, West Palm, Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, New Orleans, Baltimore, Boston, Minneapolis, Jackson, St. Louis, New York City, Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, Charlotte, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Portland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Alexandria, and Seattle.


Excavator Mini Excavator


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