EssentialsSM Lead Program FAQs

Confused about what EquipRent can do for your rental company? Well, you've come to the right page. We've compiled a list of FAQs regarding EquipRent.

What does EquipRent do for rental companies (ERCs)?

EquipRent is an online lead generation and booking service. We connect contractors and construction firms to local equipment rental stores based on the renter's project, equipment need and budget.

How is EquipRent different from other lead generation companies?

EquipRent distinguishes itself from other lead generation companies by 1) working with locally owned and national businesses (the best of the best) in the area, by 2) limiting the number to a maximum of three businesses shown to a prospective renter for each request, by 3) only sending leads that directly match the actual request (example: we will not send a lead for lawn equipment to rental company that didn't include DIYer in requested inventory list), and by 4) limiting the number of businesses accepted into the EquipRent network.

What services does EquipRent offer to local equipment rental companies (ERCs)?

EquipRent offers the following services: 1) EssentialsSM lead generation, 2) RentNowSM bookings. All ERCs must initially enroll in the Essentials program in order to be eligible to participate in the other programs in the service suite.

How are rental companies accepted into the EquipRent network?

ERCs are accepted into the Essentials program if they meet the requirements as outlined in the Terms of Service. Acceptance is also based on the following criteria: local business, strong Better Business Rating and willingness to offer the EquipRent user a special value.

How does EquipRent find targeted, qualified prospects?

EquipRent will utilize the following marketing tactics: e-marketing and search engine optimization, strategic alliances with affiliate companies, local association networking and partnering with construction software companies, press releases on EquipRent, and local PR.

How do I activate my ERC account?

To activate your ERC account, fill out the business profile and receive your username and password. Then login to the business area and complete the inventory yard, branch profile and radius distance you will deliver to. You can choose as many categories as you would like matches for. Set up your credit card payment type, and Voila! You are all set to begin receiving your leads.

How do I pay for leads?

Leads are charged on a "per lead" basis as they occur. Businesses can select a monthly cap budget if needed. Once a calendar month ends, EquipRent sends a statement with all lead charges and submits charges through ERCs credit card.

How do I receive leads from EquipRent?

EquipRent will provide a notification to the email address in the business profile. Leads can also be sent to each branch if needed. Businesses can also log in and view leads through the Admin.

EquipRent also offers a service that will directly send all leads directly to your or other CRM systems.

Do I have a contract with EquipRent for any specific period of time?

There are no contracts with EquipRent, unless you want one. You can suspend your account at any time with thirty (30) days notice. To suspend your account, contact your relationship manager or use the Contact Us form.

Can I track the return on my investment?

EquipRent allows you to track your investment (Coming Soon). At any time you will be able to login and view reports that showcase your leads received and the overall cost. Through our system, you can also track the status of each lead such as lead opportunity won or lead lost. Export this data and merge with your sales data. You will be able to quickly analyze the rental profit made by your leads. If you need help with this, your relationship manager will be happy to assist you.

How many leads will I receive?

The number of leads you will receive will depend on the following factors: whether or not you are in good standing with EquipRent and the number of match requests received within your specialties in your area.

Can I suspend my lead flow?

To suspend your account, send an email to your relationship manager or use the Contact Us form on the website to initiate suspension. EquipRent will contact you for a short phone call to discuss details.

If I have additional questions, whom should I contact?

For questions about our marketing lead services please  internet phone service, or reach us via email, or dial 1-480-347-0717.