What rental price should you be paying?

Ever wonder how much contractors are paying for their rental equipment? Well, wonder no more. The team at EquipRent has been collecting and analyzing stacks of rental rate market data (like a blue book) and have come up with a powerful tool to give you insight to what others are paying for their rentals. We are the ONLY rental service that puts that power in your hands!

After you complete your FREE rental request (blue form in the upper left), you will instantly be given three market-based prices (low-average-high), so you can compare against the quotes you will be receiving from the matched rental companies.

Here is an example of what you'll see on your confirmation page.

rental rates_chart

* Rates are for equipment rental only. Excludes taxes, delivery and other fees.

** Industry rates for all major equipment types are included. Minor equipment categories will be added and updated on a regular basis.